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I'll be frank. I get a lot of e-mail from strangers, and I don't have much free time. Please take the time to read through the FAQ in the column to the right. If you ask me a question that can readily be answered by using a search engine, I won't respond. If you ask me what kind of camera to buy and haven't done your own research yet, I won't respond. If you ask me something about a destination that I have already covered in my travel journals, I won't respond.

For consumer questions about underwater photography and videography, be sure to check the articles and forums at That's where I'll direct you, anyway.

Have I scared you off? If not, please get in touch with me! If you're asking a technical question, be sure to include in your message what research you have already done and what your preliminary conclusions are.

If you just want to say 'hi' or aren't writing about anything technical, please continue! :)

Fill out this HTML form and an e-mail will be sent straight to my inbox. Make sure you fill out the form with a working e-mail address! Otherwise, I won't be able to get back to you.

My PGP public key is available upon request.

Note: I am often out of the country without access to e-mail. Please be patient for replies...

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Q. Do you license your photos as stock imagery?

A. Yes, I do! Please contact me with the following information: 1) an introduction, 2) the image(s) you are interested in (be specific -- i need an attachment or link), or a description of what kinds of images you are looking for, 3) how exactly you wish to use the image(s), 4) the size the image(s) will be reproduced, 5) how many times the image(s) will be reproduced (circulation or print run), 6) where the product will be distributed (domestic or multi-national).

Q. Do you sell photographic prints?

A. Yes, I do! You can browse some of my prints here. If you don't see what you're looking for, get in touch.

Q. I work for [xxx] non-profit or education company. Will you give me a photo to use for free?

A. It's possible. I donate a lot of my time and images to various non-profits that I support. However, I am a commercial photographer who can only do so much for for free.

If you are interested in using an image for free, please be sure to be thorough in your request. Be sure to include the following information in your request: 1) an introduction, 2) the image you are interested in (be specific -- i need an attachment or link), 3) how exactly you wish to use the image, 4) the size the image will be reproduced, 5) how many times the image will be reproduced, 6) why you think you should get the image license for free.

If you do not include the proper information in your request, I will most likely ignore your e-mail.

Q. What kind of compact digital camera should I buy?

A. Dozens of new cameras are released every year, and it can be hard to sort through the mess of products generated by the industry. However, there is really only one brand of compact camera that performs well in low light. Read this journal entry, where I give my 2 cents about the compact camera I use, but remember that not everyone wants the same thing, and remember that models change over time, and my post may not be up to date.

Q. What kind of digital SLR should I buy?

A. I use Canon SLRs. Every Canon SLR in their product line is fantastic, and you can't go wrong with any of them. Nikon SLRs are also very good, although their lower-end cameras (D40 and D60, as of this update) are not compatible with all Nikon lenses, so I'd avoid those. I recommend reading camera reviews at

Q. What kind of underwater housing / strobe / accessory should I buy?

A. If you ask me this, I will refer you to Read reviews over there, or go to the beginner area in the Wetpixel forums and post a message. A public answer over there can be leveraged by other folks with the same question.

Q. Can I go on one of your diving / photography trips?

A. If you are a proficient diver, yes! Sign up for my mailing list, and I'll update you by e-mail when I announce new trips.