Eric Cheng, at the Boston Sea Rovers 2004 Clinic

Digital Underwater Photography Workshops

Boston Sea Rovers Clinic 2005 [www]
March 4-6, 2005

UPDATE, SEP 2005 - Eric is going back to the Sea Rovers Clinic in 2006 to teach again, this time with Berkley White and James Wiseman. [more info]

WORKSHOP ATTENDEES! See slides from the workshop (passworded): [workshop 1] [workshop 2]


Digital Underwater Photography: Equipment and Basic Technique
March 5, 2005 . 1-4PM (3 hours, $35 per student)
40 attendees max, theater style (nearly full)

This 3-hour workshop will cover the basics of getting started in digital underwater photography. Topics will include equipment necessary (digital cameras, housings, strobes, accessories, computing needs), travel considerations (batteries, chargers, storage, backup), and simple guidelines for getting started.


Digital Underwater Photography: Pixels to Print
March 6, 2005 . 1-4PM (3 hours, $50 per student)
25 attendees max, classroom style (oversold!)

This 3-hour workshop will cover the workflow necessary to get your digital images stored, organized, edited, and printed. Workshop will cover helpful software tools, simple image manipulation, color management, and printing. Live demonstrations will use Windows PCs, but Mac analogs should be easy to extrapolate.

Please bring your notebook computer to workshop II!


Eric Cheng has been rapidly gaining a reputation around the world as a digital underwater photography expert, eager to share his knowledge and talent. He edits and runs, the premiere website dedicated to digital underwater photography, and has been published in numerous publications, both in print and on the web. He has also given private digital underwater imaging lessons to some of the world's most successful professional underwater photographers.

Eric was recently awarded a prestigious Antibes Festival award for his work with, which was awarded the underwater imaging web site of the year.


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Eric attended last year's Boston Sea Rovers Clinic, where he gave a seminar on underwater digital photography. To see his journal entry about the event, click here.

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