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Guadalupe Island 2003 - Scuba Diving with Great White Sharks

Trip Dates:     September 1-6, 2003
Vessel:   M/V Horizon (San Diego Shark Diving)
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  Guadalupe Island, Mexico
  David Brown, Eric Cheng, Darren Davenport, Michael D. Dukes, Dave Gannon, David Haas, Mike Greuter, Jessie Harper, Maris Kazmers ("Kaz"), Don Kehoe, Joe Lein, Ron Martin, Dorothy and Bob McDonald, Johanna and Bruce Wight, Ron Yanega
SDSD Crew:   Paul "Doc" Anes, Perry Armor, Jessie Harper
Horizon Crew:   Ron, Chris, Patti, Sterling, Dave, Mark, Monica

Guadalupe Island sits in Mexican waters approximately 250 miles from San Diego, and hosts a large great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) population. It is likely the only place where great white sharks can be readily observed in clear water. San Diego Shark Diving runs chartered five and six day trips to Guadalupe in the fall and early winter every year aboard the Horizon, which leaves port from San Diego and takes between twenty and twenty-two hours to reach Guadalupe. The boat itself has a very different feel than other similarly-priced boats I've been on. While some of the other boats pride themselves on luxury, the Horizon is a no-frills boat whose goal is to get the job done. All of the procedures we adhered to were designed to give us the maximum amount of time in the water. We had comfortable beds, good food, and great service. Most importantly, the crew and the boat delivered many great white sharks for our viewing pleasure. :)

UPDATE: Norbert Wu and I are running a trip to Guadalupe in August of 2006! I've posted more information over at

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