These days, I've been doing more and more web design and development as all of my extra-"day job" activities move slowly towards media work (photography, videography, and music). One the best gigs I've done so far was a site design/implementation project in Bora Bora for Topdive resort. I dragged along a graphic designer friend, and we did a group-up design and implementation of the site, including all of the necessary photography. I am definitely up for more projects like that and also do exhaustive web journals of my travels. One of them received 20,000 visitors within a week of being published. So... if you are in the travel business (specifically, adventure travel or scuba diving) and need a web site or web journal-style PR, get in touch with me! Another note: echeng.com is highly google-ranked. :)

Here are some of the projects I've been involved with:

obviously, i did all of the design and implementation of echeng.com. :)
I am the editor and administrator of wetpixel.com, which is currently the most complete information and community site for underwater digital photography.

i maintain slsq.com, and employed luke to do the design and implementation. he was nice enough to do most of the work pro bono (the slsq and i both thank you. :)!
a quickie site for my good friend livia. it's very simple.

luke and I went out to bora bora to design and implement topdive's resort presence. luke did most of the design work, and i did all of the management, implementation, and photography.

valicomm.com -- modified design, with help from luke. all implementation and management.

misc consulting snapshots

most of these were done with the help of various graphic designers (luke, most notably),
and were short-notice, short-engagement (2-4 day) rapid prototyping projects.




These days, I hand code most of the HTML in the sites I design. However, I do use Dreamweaver as a general-purpose html editor and site manager. Other useful software tools include BreezeBrowser, ACDSee, Adobe Photoshop, SmartFTP, Textpad, and DeBabelizer Pro. 99% of the work done forecheng.com was accomplished with those tools alone. Oh yeah, a digital camera and scanner are probably useful, too. :)
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