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Dear Modem Users: I'm sorry for the size of these pages! There are so many photos to share, and I don't have time to do anything fancy right now.

We're back from the west coast premiere of La Pasion! Well, that's not entirely true. Some of us are back. Many members of the crazy Venezuelan chorus are out salsa dancing (with Sabrina, Claire, and Ben F.!). :)

the violin section

Segerstrom Hall turned out to be much larger than I had imagined it to be. It has funky, tiered red seating. A well-packed house greeted us when we came out on stage, and aside from a few sound system glitches, the concert went well! One can't help but smile when performing La Pasion; we're all having a great time up on stage -- especially because it is more than "just a gig" for all us Stanford Chamber Strings members. It was also fun to look out into the audience to see who among the traditional classical music lovers out there were able to let loose during the more upbeat parts of the piece. Also, I took a photo of the audience during the standing ovation (no flash, of course). I just couldn't resist! I hope no one noticed. :) Another concert highlight was my bloody nose. Luckily, Claire had her lucky handkerchief with her, so I didn't have to use my hands or my white shirt to wipe off the blood on my face. Again, I hope no one noticed. :)

The Philharmonic Society arranged for a nice reception for us (and for their donors and patrons), so we had a chance to relax and to socialize after the concert. At the reception, we chatted with Michael, the accordian player; we had all been wondering how his accordian made such strange and interesting sounds (the powerful, low frequency pulsing). It turns out that he worked over six months to modify his accordian to get an amplified, natural reed sound with a highly boosted bass response (frequencies roughly below 500 Hz are amplified greatly. the bass volume is pedal controlled). Osvaldo discovered the sound while working with him, and later wrote it into La Pasion.

I feel alive. I haven't felt such energy in a very long time.

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Livia, with a photo of her old dermatologist (at Sephora)

Claire and Livia, at South Coast Plaza

Segerstrom Hall, at the Orange County Performing Arts Center

Setting up in Segerstrom Hall

Ben, Andrea and Barry, backstage in Segerstrom Hall

Segerstrom Hall

Afternoon sound check

The group, in Segerstrom Hall

In Segerstrom Hall

In Segerstrom Hall

Ben and Hector

The cello section! We rule.

Percussions, and a third of the chorus

The view from where I sit

The sound check continues...

The sound booth

Dramatic backdrop lighting

Maria Guinand, conducting (at unlit rehearsal)

The men of the chorus

The front of Segerstrom Hall

Barry, on the phone, as usual

Andrea, Livia, Claire, and Sabrina, in the women's dressing room (which was much, much better than ours was)

Geoff, Alberto, and Stephen, in the men's dressing room

Claire, on stage

The audience, from stage!

Me, surrounded by Bens

Alberto, Livia, Barry, Ed, and Geoff

Claire, Luciana, and Geoff, at the reception

Singers, with Osvaldo Golijov, at the reception

Livia, with singers

Barry, and two Ozzie fans

Check out Andrea's fancy dress shoes!

Four celli, at the reception

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