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Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-11-29

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  • @uwfotog Pam hated District 9, too. That makes 2 of you among everyone I know. I loved the movie! in reply to uwfotog #
  • Frank with a home-made snoot on an Ikelite DS-125. Ready to shoot small stuff! http://pic.gd/d22295 #
  • Hanging out with the wallabies here at Loloata Island Resort in Papua New Guinea. #
  • I was thinking that I almost stepped on a sea snake last time… Just as Frank almost stepped on one! #
  • Taking the day off. Slept 12 hours last night, but still feel groggy. Sitting on the patio overlooking the ocean, with Kindle and Blackberry #
  • Pam gave cashews to the Chinese guy stuck at Narita airport. #
  • View from the balcony here in PNG http://pic.gd/334a90 #
  • Another shot of the view. http://pic.gd/de2370 #
  • RT @gilesshaxted: the new android tripit app. http://bit.ly/7St9UM #
  • @uwWestmorland is there #really a #large #following for #elephant? #twitter #hash #abuse :) :) :) in reply to uwWestmorland #
  • Congraytulations, Adam! RT @adamnash: The LinkedIn Platform is now Open for Business! bit.ly/linkedin-platform #
  • How do you spell cous cous? Cus cus? I don’t remember. http://pic.gd/be9d90 #
  • Leaving port for the Eastern Fields. Will be in the water in 12 hours! #
  • Saw a school of at least 200 bumphead parrotfish (Bulbometopon muricatum). Awesome. (Eastern Fields, PNG) #wetpixel #
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Coral hermit crabs, Ashmore Atoll, Australia

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Coral hermit crabs, Ashmore Atoll, Australia, originally uploaded by echeng.

Coral hermit crabs (Paguritta harmsi) in their little coral den. In this photo, the hole the hermit crabs live in is less than 1cm wide. Ashmore Atoll, Australia. echeng091128_0242484

Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea | link | trackb | 4 comments » | Nov 29, 2009 03:46:42

Squat lobster in barrel sponge, Papua New Guinea

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Squat lobster in barrel sponge, Papua New Guinea, originally uploaded by echeng.

A squat lobster (Lauriea siagiani) in a barrel sponge (Xestospongia sp.). Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea. echeng091127_0241944

Image taken with Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 60mm macro lens, INON X-2 underwater housing, INON underwater micro semi-fisheye relay lens UFL-MR130 EFS60, dual INON S2000 strobes.

Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea | link | trackb | 1 comment » | Nov 28, 2009 03:26:41

Alien tunicate, Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea

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Alien tunicate, Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea, originally uploaded by echeng.

An alien cell: the inside of a tunicate, taken with the INON Underwater Micro Semi-Fisheye Relay Lens UFL-MR130 EFS60. I call this new lens the "insect eye lens." It allows for wide-angle macro shots (WAM) focused right up to the front element of the lens. Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea. echeng091126_0241533

Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea | link | trackb | 2 comments » | Nov 26, 2009 19:10:16

A calming of the heart

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I slept 12 hours last night and woke up to a calm day overlooking a mangrove forest in Papua New Guinea. I walked outside and took a seat on the elevated patio with a cup of instant coffee and a book (well, a Kindle), and immediately felt a slowing of the heart rate and a deep, relaxed and complete breathing that was surprisingly — and depressingly — novel.

It occurs to me that a good life goal is to put myself in a situation in which I am able to feel like this regularly. The last few months have been such a whirlwind of activity that I forgot what it means to relax.

Eastern Fields, Papua New Guinea | link | trackb | 7 comments » | Nov 23, 2009 19:19:50

Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-11-22

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  • Crap. Google contacts / Droid contacts / Facebook integration merged me with the Harvard version of Eric Cheng. #
  • OK. I had to de-friend the Harvard Eric Cheng (http://bit.ly/3VPan2 in Facebook to fix our namespace clash on Droid. Quite sad. #
  • Can’t wait until autotuning in discrete steps leaves popular music. #
  • I just received email from the Harvard Eric Cheng, and I thought, “wait, I didn’t write that!” So confusing. ;) #
  • Still unable to cancel AT&T wireless by phone. Can’t login online, either (error L123). Yippee. #
  • Buy underwater prints from renowned underwater photographers and raise money for Asia Pacific disaster victims! http://wetpixel.com/oxfam #
  • @adamnash Keep us posted about your luck with AT&T UVerse 18 Mbps! I’m on Speakeasy — reliable, but expensive ($99 for 6Mbps/768kbps) in reply to adamnash #
  • I had 42MB of orphaned messages in drafts! RT @andymanson: Semi-fix for Mail.app’s Undeleted Drafts Bug http://tr.im/F8TA #
  • Migrating from Zenbe Lists to Remember the Milk. http://www.rememberthemilk.com #
  • My last tweet from the celebration on incompetence that is AT&T Wireless. They still can’t close my account. #
  • @tonyylu my To Do List service choices are always decided by what my mobile device apps support in reply to tonyylu #
  • Dear all – apologies beforehand: I may not have the time or connectivity to respond to emails until the very end of December. #
  • Best quote from tonight: “can I have one of your pictures?” Sure, Mr. Stranger. I’d love to just give you one. #
  • @adamnash wait until I get my tweets integrated into linkedin. in reply to adamnash #
  • Learning about JQuery include conflicts. Yippee. http://digwp.com/2009/06/inclu…..right-way/ #
  • I said, “I knew I could learn it, but now I know that I know it,” which Pam found to be quite funny. #
  • Har har har. Academia vs. Business http://xkcd.com/664/ (via Matt Segal) #
  • Virtual timecode, log & capture for DSLRs shooting video http://bit.ly/4bXns8 (via @sterlingz) #
  • Fujitsu just sent an email to 484 ScanSnap mailing list people… using To: instead of Bcc:. Nice. #
  • @jauderho re: magic mouse – try it on a big screen, or for pixel-precision tasks. I returned mine. in reply to jauderho #
  • Google contact sync warning: it screwed up formatting of all my addresses (from Mac OS X). Back up before you try! #
  • @documentsnap It was the Snow Leopard update email titled “Updated ScanSnap Snow Leopard Support Available”. in reply to documentsnap #
  • @tammyloh It works really well with the Droid, so I’m sticking with it. iPhone is reset! Need to sell. :) in reply to tammyloh #
  • @tammyloh Verizon! I can make calls again!! in reply to tammyloh #
  • Verified that I can shoot with the “insect eye” lens from INON (using a 50D in an INON housing). Only need 2 more parts for strobe mounts. #
  • Must venture out to get food. Brain overloaded. Need calories. #
  • There is a shoot for some Sephora product going on upstairs. #
  • I think I just saw the model for the shoot walk by (btw my place and BART). There is no other reason she would have been on the street! #
  • Updating Blackberry Tour to OS4.7.1. Hope it works. #
  • Copy & paste in gmail on Droid: http://bit.ly/ExTmd #
  • I am officially syncing (some of) my tweets with LinkedIn (9 months after I complained about no Twitter sync) #in http://bit.ly/1RGt43 #
  • @adamnash LinkedIn timewarp: 541 pixels away = 1 month! http://bit.ly/E60O4 #
  • Bug sushi. http://bit.ly/4kyFjC #
  • Sharethis.com is broken. Creating an account, embed code — all hard or impossible using Firefox and Chromium. #
  • Just finished a 100 hr work week — scrambling to pack for a trip to Papua New Guinea tomorrow. TODO list still a mile long. Typical. #
  • Taking a break. Fantastic story at Wired.com: Writer Evan Ratliff Tried To Vanish http://bit.ly/5Auibp #
  • So far, the only apps I miss on iPhone are Flight Track Pro (w/tripit!) and Evernote. Flight Track was indispensable. http://bit.ly/1ylUDi #
  • I just turned on my email auto-replies. Let the spam harvesting of my email addresses begin! :( #
  • Test post to Twitter via satellite email. Hello? #
  • @uwfotog My cousin has labradoodles! Cute, but they still lick their butts and then your face. That’s what I think of when I see dogs. in reply to uwfotog #
  • I am going to STOP WORKING for 30 minutes before I leave for the airport. I think that’s allowed. #
  • Someone should buy DropBox. Google? Are you listening? http://dropbox.com #
  • Write an iPhone app that features underwater photography! You’ll make DOZENS of dollars!! #
  • See you in a month! (They let her in to see me off at the gate) http://yfrog.com/4gbn4j #
  • @gilesshaxted yes, giles, but flight track pro integrates realtime plane location, delays, and gate information. I use goog cal:slow updates in reply to gilesshaxted #
  • @jauderho they did us a favor! :) http://myloc.me/1DnsQ in reply to jauderho #
  • @uwfotog I would be lost without DropBox. I use it for all collaborations + auto versioned backups! http://myloc.me/1Dnxy in reply to uwfotog #
  • $97 for 3rd bag w/united/air pacific/air niugini. All 3 checked straight to POM. Not bad! thanks, dad, for 1st class upgrade! (only to LAX) #
  • @sterlingz thanks, sterling! I’ll try to export my DEMA talk and email it to you from LAX. in reply to sterlingz #
  • 60 lbs on back w/o proper weight distrbutn to hips. Feel like vertebrae are being compressed. May have to switch to rolling bags in few yrs. #
  • Oh my god. Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX is a clusterfuck. Let’s show our intl friends just how little we care about them. #
  • Recenter personal space: swing your backpack back/forth; makes it less pleasant for the person behind you in line when they lean on your bag #
  • @sterlingz no wifi (even paid) at lax international. #lax #fail in reply to sterlingz #
  • @alexkingorg isn’t the geek bar in the basement at your house? ;) in reply to alexkingorg #
  • The guy behind me sang & pounded on his tray table (my seat) repeatedly, saying that he was “praying”. He might have had mental problems. #
  • @andybiggs Try Canon S90: played with one and liked it. Or maybe Ricoh? A few friends have them and love them. in reply to andybiggs #
  • @andybiggs I am still using my Lumix LX3. The Canon S90 is smaller and more up to date, but nothing can touch 24mm (equiv) f2 in a compact! in reply to andybiggs #
  • SFO-LAX-Nadi done. In Fiji waiting for Nadi-Honiara-Port Moresby. Every time I do this, I feel like I’m gambling! #
  • @alexkingorg had the same experience re: bb 4.7.x OS update. Hangs, deleted settings for all apps. in reply to alexkingorg #
  • Arrived safely in Port Moresby with all 200 lbs of gear! What a relief… #
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Sunrise over Nadi, Fiji

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Sunrise over Nadi, Fiji, originally uploaded by echeng.

An incredibly-saturated sunrise above the clouds, taken shortly before landing at Nadi, Fiji.

Sent from mobile device. Apologies for brevity and/or typos.

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Dad, at home

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Dad, at home, originally uploaded by echeng.

I visited San Diego for a few days last week before leaving for this month-long trip to Papua New Guinea. We went for a walk in Solana Beach, and the light was absolutely gorgeous. One good thing about winter is that the sun is often low in the horizon — good light! The salty mist thrown up by the ocean makes for an incredible portrait backdrop.

Sent from mobile device. Apologies for brevity and/or typos.

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Hah! Spammy content in tweets.

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I tried to send this tweet using Tweetie, and it failed. So I went to Twitter.com and tried again. It said that the post failed because the URL might have “spammy content.” Just for the hell of it, I clicked “update” a few more times… and the tweet went through! Brute force passes anti-spam test!

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | no comments » | Nov 21, 2009 16:42:45

Luggage tax is getting ridiculous and complicated

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I’m finished packing more than 12 hours before I leave for Papua New Guinea! Of course, I probably have 8-10 hours of work to do before I go, but it’s still a record to be packed up so early.

I’m checking:

(2) 50 lb checked bag of camera equipment
(1) 40 lb checked bag of dive gear, wetsuit, clothing and toiletries

(1) 35 lb backpack of camera and computer equipment
(1) 20 lb “personal item” of camera gear

Grand total: 200 lb!

I hope I don’t get screwed over by the airlines. I packed 3 checked items because it is so much cheaper these days. My dad upgraded me to first class for the SFO to LAX leg of the trip in order to increase my chances of not getting screwed over for having so much gear; hopefully they’ll check me all the way through so I don’t have to try to get 3 bags to Fiji and then to Port Moresby.

There’s a huge difference checking 3 x 50 lb bags vs checking 2 x 70 lb bags. On United to most international destinations, a 51-70 lb bag is an extra $150 each way. A 71-100 lb bag lands you a $350 fee. A 3rd bag of any weight costs $200, plus overweight charges. So a 3rd 71lb bag would cost $200 + $150 = $350!1

At least United gives you 2 free bags on international travel to Asia. First class / Premier Executive travelers (that’s not me) get 2 free 70 lb bags on travel to Asia. That’s a savings of $300 each way if you check 2 x 51-70 lb bags (2 x $150 overweight charges)!

If I knew I were going to have to check 2 overweight bags, I might simply take a flight to Europe or Asia to visit some friends beforehand if the miles would push me into the next mileage bucket. It would cost about the same amount of money. Ridiculous.

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Finally, I am able to cancel my AT&T account

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I really feel like celebrating! By the way, if you’re unhappy with your AT&T 3G coverage, you can call in to voice your concern. They’ll most likely credit your account to make you happy (I received $30 back in July).

If a company gives you money, it’s because they know they’ve done something wrong.

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | 3 comments » | Nov 18, 2009 14:43:54

Droid Google / Facebook contact namespace clash

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There are two Eric Chengs in my life. The other is also a Taiwanese classical musician, but he looks quite different and lives in Los Angeles. Our parents even know each other, although we never met in person until both of us had finished university. I call him “Harvard Eric Cheng.”

I noticed today on my new Droid that there was only one entry for Eric Cheng, and that it was a mashup of my data with Harvard Eric Cheng’s data. The contact record had all of our phone numbers and email addresses, plus Harvard Eric Cheng’s Facebook profile image. Editing the record showed distinct identities — one from Gmail contacts (me) and one from Facebook (him), and I was eventually able to separate the two by changing my Gmail contact record’s name to “Eric H Cheng.”

Still, I can’t have another Eric Cheng on my mobile device because it causes too many problems. Ideally, I would be able to exclude Harvard Eric Cheng from Facebook’s Droid sync or intercept his record and rename him on his way to my phone, but I can’t find a way to do that (yet). So until then, I’ve had to de-friend him on Facebook, which seems wrong. I wrote him a message, apologizing, and hope I can connect with him again once this issue is resolved.

Monrovia, CA | link | trackb | 2 comments » | Nov 16, 2009 12:19:00

Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-11-15

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  • New Ricoh GXR w/interchangeable lens and sensor. No sensor dust! http://bit.ly/3GTNJ9 #
  • NiZn rechargeable batteries tested – 1.6V vs 1.2V of NiMh batts. http://bit.ly/2878Sn #
  • Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.2 via Software Update (no stand-alone updater available yet). #
  • OK, embedding video from #smugmug isn’t at all obvious. #
  • After upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6.2, sound output defaulted to my Plantronics USB headset instead of line out. #
  • @acedrew Yeah — found it under “get a link.” Only embed code is not a “link”, so I never even looked there. in reply to acedrew #
  • The Apple Magic Mouse is going back. Bluetooth mouses just do not work in urban areas that have lots of WiFi around (skips and stutters). #
  • Using the iPhone for apps is such a joy. I’d totally use this thing as my main phone if I could complete a call on AT&T. #
  • @SmugMug Thanks, SmugMug. I found it. It just took me awhile because the embed code is not a “link.” (so I never looked in Get a Link). in reply to SmugMug #
  • @cohen I’ve given up, and have 2 devices. Mostly, it’s because Blackberry is the only viable network for data if you travel internationally. in reply to cohen #
  • RT @johnolilly: KindleForPC is out. (http://bit.ly/48Q5oz) Very early, still rough, but thought-provoking.. and great to have. needs search. #
  • @johnolilly 7D is incredible compared to the 40D or 50D in every way. 5D2 is full frame, but is slower performing body. in reply to johnolilly #
  • @alvinjamur What? Are you still a diver?? in reply to alvinjamur #
  • Picking up guinea pig ashes. #
  • @theta_aquarii transformed into… the all-powerful God of sex!! in reply to theta_aquarii #
  • Unfortunate working environment! (SFO) http://yfrog.com/0ays5nj #
  • Revisiting equal height columns in CSS: I think a table may be better, but I don’t want to use one. Man. http://bit.ly/3hSxr0 #
  • Someone just sent me an email with light yellow text on a white background. #
  • @gilesshaxted I guess you didn’t click through? in reply to gilesshaxted #
  • It sure is beautiful here… http://yfrog.com/2maesj #
  • Stereoviews of old Japan (I used to make these too, but I didn’t know they were called “stereoviews). (thanks, Julia). http://bit.ly/2KEC6Z #
  • RT @tonywu: Underwater glider to track deep-diving cetaceans http://is.gd/4TL8R #
  • @adamnash How did our interests diverge so much? Pennies, Farmville, Cafe World, Fishville, BABIES? We should meet to reconnect in person :) in reply to adamnash #
  • Verizon’s data charging scam @ $1.99/pop. http://bit.ly/xm8Q0 #
  • My new sunglass vendor of choice: CVS! $20 for polarized sunglasses vs $2xx from Oakley. Fit well, too. #
  • Just switched to Google Sync for Contacts and Calendars on all of my Macs and mobile devices. Simplifying! Long live Teh Google! #
  • Fujitsu has announced a Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard update for the ScanSnap S1500M / S300M / S510M / 500M. http://bit.ly/39uRKE #
  • @alexkingorg I exported VCF from Address Book and imported to Goog. All notes went through + synced fine after that (to Mac and mobile)… in reply to alexkingorg #
  • I am hours (or maybe a day) away from dumping AT&T forever. I am going to celebrate! Now, do I keep the iPhone or use only with wifi? #
  • Have you seen United excess baggage rates recently? Might as well bring a second person with airline status. Same cost. http://bit.ly/49jo5R #
  • My dad just upgraded me on my first leg to PNG (LAX), which will save me at least $300 in excess baggage fees. Thank you, Dad! #
  • AT&T: Error L132 (temp system error) online, and customer care closed. Can’t call and can’t close my iPhone account. Quite the fitting end! #
  • I’ve given up on http://umbrellatoday.com . It’s been wrong 100% of the time so far (in San Francisco). #
  • Congratulations!! RT @pyknosis: New post: The birth of Avery Logan http://ow.ly/CkCl #
  • No one can compete with this! ;) RT @uwfotog:Just nominated http://bit.ly/Ut34p for Tweet ofthe Year http://mashable.com/owa #openwebawards #
  • Black 32GB iPhone 3Gs, original accessories: $575 + shipping. Screen perfect. Normal usage scratches on back. Contact: http://bit.ly/GhEeL #
  • Editorial on recent AT&T vs Verizon legal battle. I agree with the last line. Compete!! http://bit.ly/7KThE #
  • Sent phone number update out to > 1000 people. The good / bad thing is that I expect 10% to write back. #
  • So far, I have no reservations about dumping iPhone/AT&T for Droid/Verizon. #
  • @adamvlau Go sleep at my place tonight, dammit! in reply to adamvlau #
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The switch to Google Voice (and juggling multiple phones)

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I’ve had multiple phone numbers for a long time, and have finally decided to consolidate all of my numbers into a portable Google Voice number. I had previously been a diehard SpinVox user because they transcribe voicemails1, but GV added transcription services (via computer) back in March, making it a viable service for me.

Everything was (and still is) working fine with SpinVox. My two mobile devices and my landline all forward unanswered and busy incoming calls to the same SpinVox account, which transcribes voicemails and emails (or SMSes) them to me. If I needed more information about a particular message, I call in to listen to the voicemail itself. But Spinvox hasn’t changed in years, and Google Voice continues to add features. There is something appealing about the Google Voice method, which involves having a single proxy number that I can direct where appropriate.

I’m signed up for Google Voice a long time ago (when it was still GrandCentral) but am now going to start giving it out as my main number. I’m also disabling SpinVox from my mobile numbers. With GV, I can direct incoming calls to any phone, and voicemails are transcribed and can be played back by a single click or tap on every computing device I own. International rates are reasonable, and calling is seamlessly integrated into the Motorola Droid calling interface.2 The Blackberry also has a GV application, but it is not seamlessly integrated. Calls and SMSes must be initiated from the GV app itself or from Address Book (it doesn’t work from the phone app).

Now I just need to figure out a way to forward my landline voicemail over to GV. At the moment, it does not seem to be supported, so I’ll continue to use SpinVox for landline voicemail.

  1. Spinvox is normally quite expensive but is extremely accurate because they use a human transcription farm. I have a free account because I was a beta tester a long time ago. 

  2. I use the Toggle Google Voice app for one-tap toggling between using GV for all calls, no calls, or being prompted for a choice with each call / SMS. 

Monrovia, CA | link | trackb | 1 comment » | Nov 15, 2009 15:37:32

Happy (early) birthday, Warren!

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It’s rare that surprise birthday parties actually work

Happy surprise birthday party, Warren! Not many people get to play with Livia and the SLSQ on their birthday — must have been the best gift ever. ;) (read more »)

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | 1 comment » | Nov 11, 2009 03:05:43

A photo with Eric at DEMA

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Adam told me a funny story while we were en route back to San Francisco from Orlando. It went something like this:

At least four people came up to the booth and said, “It’s my goal to take a photo with you!”

I replied, “Are you sure?”

They said, “Yeah!”, and took a photo with me.

I asked, “Do you know who I am?”

They said, “You’re Eric Cheng!”

I said, “No, I’m Adam Lau!”

This sort of thing cracks me up to no end. Two DEMA shows ago, Kenji Ohmura of Fisheye kept being called Eric at the Wetpixel / DPG cocktail night. It was so entertaining that we now refer to each other by the other’s name. “Hello, Eric! Hello, Kenji!”

This year, I stacked the deck by bringing Adam. They had no chance.

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | 1 comment » | Nov 9, 2009 01:38:22

Weekly Twitter Digest: 2009-11-08

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  • Who puts height before width in HTML?? #
  • Fastmail.fm is having a sale on paid email accounts. I’ve been using them for a long time now, and LOVE their service. http://bit.ly/VEyka #
  • It’s terrible that you can get back from dinner and work 6 more hours… on a Sunday. #
  • Rest in peace, Fillmore, the cutest Cavia sp. ever. #
  • Just played with a dev version of the new Motorola Droid. Me wants! (Thanks, Eric!) #
  • @alexkingorg think there is great potential, esp with hardware competition and open system! Screen was gorgeous. Keyboard usable. in reply to alexkingorg #
  • @uwfotog One of the problems with buying new cameras. :( I’m sure Camera Raw will be updated very soon. Shoot RAW+JPG until then. :( in reply to uwfotog #
  • Finished my DEMA presentation (which will be at the Imaging Resource Center on Friday at 3:45pm). Now, to pack up… #
  • @johnolilly Pam flew LHR -> SFO on a new United 777, so at least one plane has been done (biz has flat beds and bathroom is “huge”). in reply to johnolilly #
  • Getting sick of magically appearing (already sent) Drafts messages in Mail.app on Snow Leopard. #
  • I’m going to have to switch my iPhone calendar sync to CalDAV. I have MobileMe-synced calendars that I don’t want to appear on the iPhone. #
  • Packing up the Pepcid for DEMA. And so, it begins… http://echeng.com/asianblush/ #
  • Terrific! Missing Sync won’t sync all my contacts to Blackberry Tour. #
  • @alexkingorg Do you have a link to Tweetie’s command line filter info? Cursory Google search doesn’t bring up much… in reply to alexkingorg #
  • Thanks, @alexkingorg, for the Tweetie filter link (Google cached). @adamnash — death to Cafe World tweets!! http://bit.ly/wgziZ #
  • New blog post: How to Measure a Giant Squid Arm http://bit.ly/3j8hLZ (via @tonywu) #
  • Looking for the highest bidder for Chris Crumley’s bag and lens… #DEMA http://yfrog.com/04ok5rj #
  • Ok, you can’t read this, but it is a Turley 2000 Paso Robles Zinfandel. Douglas says it is good, and IT IS. http://pic.gd/8d92d6 #
  • Waaay too much wine with Douglas Seifert, Chris Crumley and Shawn Heinrichs. #DEMA #
  • Paul Watson: Fears, Jeers, Cheers, and Loathing for Sea Shepherd In South Park http://bit.ly/2cq7SS #
  • RT @Wetpixel: Canon 1D Mark IV in the house! #DEMA http://yfrog.com/0bv6cvj #
  • Wetpixel / DivePhotoGuide DEMA cocktail night 2009. DETAILS: http://bit.ly/1M4WjJ #
  • Matt’s photos look so much better than do mine! I’m bringing a real camera to #DEMA next year… cuz it’s all about the camera, right? #
  • I am asking Matt Segal about what the hell this hip hop song is about. #
  • Tony Wu makes a video about our trip to Ogasawara, Japan http://bit.ly/41M499 #
  • @lfstewart I want! (desserts) in reply to lfstewart #
  • Drink water, camel. Drink water. #
  • What I’m doing in Orlando: Wetpixel #DEMA coverage insanity! 29 booths and more: http://bit.ly/1tn2T8 #
  • @digideep have to click through to smugmug and then click play on the video in reply to digideep #
  • @AbigailSmigel See you soon, Abi! in reply to AbigailSmigel #
  • Just overheard in the hotel room: “You have the hands of a chinese grandpa. And I mean that in the most awesome way.” #DEMA #
  • Crap. It’s 5am again. #
  • I was given #DEMA swag today. Best gift? 5 tubes of lube! Excellent. #
  • @digideep unfortunate, we don’t target the playstation 3 browser in our #DEMA coverage. sorry! in reply to digideep #
  • @thescubasite HEY — you’re using my turtle as your Twitter icon! Did you get permission from me? I don’t remember. in reply to thescubasite #
  • @tonywu DOH. That sucks! That’s happened to me, too (i.e. 12:01am flights). Good luck packing! in reply to tonywu #
  • @tonywu Eric is staying up all night writing #DEMA updates. in reply to tonywu #
  • @tonywu Here’s the CD, Tony! You can pick up your CD here http://bit.ly/Z5ao6 , but you should go here after: http://bit.ly/1KBkE9 in reply to tonywu #
  • A SEO consultant is violating my copyright. If he doesn’t respond appropriately, we’ll be seeing if my SEO is better than his. #
  • Wetpixel #DEMA updates are all online. Day 1: http://bit.ly/3opkpM Day 2: http://bit.ly/1tn2T8 Days 3-4: http://bit.ly/1KBkE9 #
  • United’s $125 for 1 bag over 50 lbs is robbery. I had a 52 lb bag and I had to check another tiny bag to save $95 (extra bag was $30) #
  • @CornforthImages United Airlines: $20 for first bag, plus $125 if it is over 50 lbs. 2 bags is $20 + 30 = almost $100 cheaper. No stuffing! in reply to CornforthImages #
  • @adamnash I don’t believe that you are coming to SF. I’ve been down there 10 times without you coming up here once! in reply to adamnash #
  • @thescubasite Nah — I found the icon and your site again while looking through DEMA activity. in reply to thescubasite #
  • 100MB for an Apple Magic Mouse software update? WTF is in it?? #
  • OK, does anyone else think it’s hilarious that the Magic Mouse has a right-click? What a way to get around requiring only 1 button. #
  • I just upgraded a friend’s computer to Windows 7. It installed, tried to connect to a wireless network… and BLUE SCREENED! YEAH! #
  • @tomcos Friends *always* upgrade friends away from Vista. in reply to tomcos #
  • So much for Windows 7 looking good. Still, 1000x better than Vista. Luckily, I don’t have to use either. http://yfrog.com/0hjwrj #
  • Verizon mocks AT&T coverage. I love it! http://bit.ly/2mfEGu #
| link | trackb | no comments » | Nov 8, 2009 23:01:00

Canon 1D Mark IV prototype

:: Tags:

Eric Cheng with a Canon 1D Mark IV prototype

I was able to handle a Canon 1D Mark IV body while I was at DEMA (but wasn’t allowed to take files from it). We took some photos at ISO 25,600 (using the new image-stabilized 100mm macro lens), and it was crazy clean! (read more »)

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | 2 comments » | Nov 8, 2009 17:02:10

First SMS from Norb

:: Tags:

A couple of days ago, I sent Norb an SMS, forgetting that he doesn’t like mobile texting. A minute later, I received an SMS — Norb’s first ever, I’m told! I’m honored, and its contents communicated more to me than I could have imagined. FIRRPP!

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | no comments » | Nov 7, 2009 21:04:24

Blackberry Tour contact sync problems with Mac OS X

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Ever since switching to the Verizon Blackberry Tour 9630 from the AT&T Blackberry Bold, I’ve been unable to sync contacts from my Mac. And yes, I am fully aware that Google Sync exists (thank you). I use it for calendar sync, but it isn’t right for me for syncing contacts.

Incidentally, the switch to Verizon from AT&T was the best move ever because my phone ACTUALLY WORKS now. I was just waiting for a Blackberry World Phone that didn’t look like a brick. So far, my Verizon phone has worked everywhere except for one place: Ogasawara, Japan (Verizon has a deal with SoftBank and not DoCoMo).

In any case, I finally figured out what the problem was, and how to fix it. (read more »)

Orlando, FL | link | trackb | 2 comments » | Nov 4, 2009 00:00:50
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