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Archive for September, 2003

Peter and Karine’s Wedding

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Peter and Karine, September 20, 2003

On September 20th, Beverly and I drove down to Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara to attend Peter and Karine’s wedding. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and both Karine and the wedding itself radiated beauty and happiness. Allon was funny; he stood up there, a nervous groomsman; a casual observer might have assumed that he was the one about to marry. :) The ceremony was short, and Peter showed a nostalgic slide show he had put together featuring both of their lives (separately), and then their life together. The “young” ones had a great time at the reception until the bar closed at around 1am. Emile, Beverly and I walked on the beach for awhile to sober up and to let the day’s event settle before driving back to the cheapie hotel where we were staying.

A beautiful wedding — one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Maybe it was because I’ve known Peter for ten years? It’s great to see him so happy.

There are photographs, of course. [public photos] [private photos (passworded)]

Wedding: Bacara Resort, Santa Barbara | link | trackb | 4 comments » | Sep 30, 2003 21:49:18


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I’m thinking of selling my lovely M3 and old-ass 1992 Volvo and buying a Subaru WRX Wagon. It’s fast, cheap, and it holds lots of stuff. My priorities have changed lately; no longer am I cubicle-bound and bored, and I certainly don’t need to have two cars, especially being based in San Francisco with only one garage spot. 2001 M3s are not selling for much less than did when I bought mine. I guess it’s the tax and delivery charge I paid on the thing I would really be losing.


ok. it’s final. selling! 2001 E46 M3, Silver/Black, sunroof, nav, premium sound, cold weather package (hah!), lojack, new bridgestone potenza S-02 tires, 28K miles. Not sure how much I’ll ask for it. Autotrader shows around $40-48K, depending on mileage, and my car would be somewhere in the middle in terms of mileage, plus nav and lojack. I’ve put up a page with details.

Also available is a 1992 Volvo 960 Station Wagon, for $4K. Needs new side mirror motor. AC just refilled.

Austin, TX | link | trackb | 18 comments » | Sep 27, 2003 14:27:23

Server Migration

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If you’re seeing this message, my server migration has worked! Do me a favor and go click around, will ya? There are bound to be problems, and it would help to have the troubleshooting expertise of more than just one person. :)

Austin, TX | link | trackb | 5 comments » | Sep 27, 2003 07:46:55

Kerby Lane, Vienna Teng, Andy Biggs

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Elliot and I left the house this morning at 4:20am, and by mid-afternoon we were shucking corn in Dan‘s backyard here in Austin. Well, I wasn’t shucking corn, but I kept them company while they did it. It’s great to see Dan; we get to see him far too infrequently these days. :( And because of that, I had some guilt over leaving his place this evening (with Andy Biggs and his wife Leslie) to hear Vienna Teng sing at the Cactus Club at the U.T… but I’m glad I went. She was amazing, and sang one of the best shows I’ve heard her sing. The acoustics were good, and she clearly was enjoying herself on stage. I get to hear sing fairly often, but each time I still think, “Damn, she’s good.” The audience was quiet — but responsive — and they sang with perfect intonation to Soon Love Soon, which requires audience participation. It was quite impressive, and even Vienna could hardly contain her excitement on stage. At the show, I bumped into a bunch of Stanford CS/Trilogy people: Toli, his wife Christine, and … one other person, whose name I cannot remember. I do remember, however, that he was in the class of ’95 and went to Trilogy, so that puts him squarely in the middle of a lot of people I know. Toli, Christine, Vienna and I went to Kerby Lane (the “real” Kerby Lane, they called it) afterwards for a bite to eat, and it was just as I remembered it, even though I’ve only eaten there once since living here in Austin during the summer of ’96.

Before the show, I spent some time with Andy and Leslie for a Tex-Mex dinner. I chat with Andy over IM almost every day and have spoken with him on the telephone, but it was my first time meeting the two of them in person. Our virtual friendship has now very naturally carried itself over into real life. It’s nice when things work out. :) Oh, and you should check out his photography. He’s good.

UPDATE [see some photos] [photos from dan]

Austin, TX | link | trackb | 5 comments » | Sep 26, 2003 00:58:18


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“Arianna, I just realized that I have a perfect part for you in Terminator 4.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Man. California is going down the shitter.

San Carlos, CA | link | trackb | 14 comments » | Sep 24, 2003 18:32:05

Torrey Pines ’93 High School Reunion

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Photographs from my high school reunion are up: [candids] [portraits] (Thanks, Shawna!) Some people look really, really old. Time definitely treats some people better than others.

I was told via e-mail that it was Adrian Kulinski who defaced my cardboard cut-out. It’s strange that he would do something like that, as we were sort of friends during high school. What he did turned what might have been a nice keepsake into something relatively useless. I guess his actions don’t surprise me that much; if I had to guess who did it, he’d be the first on my list. I’m currently looking for his phone number, and will be giving him a call soon. He lives down the street from Andy Manson, so it won’t be that hard to track him down. Hmm… doing a google search for “Adrian Kulinski” shows that I have complete control of his web presence. What shall I do? :)

I was excited about going to reunion before seeing the photos, but now that I’ve seen them, I’m not so sad that I missed it. Although… it would have been nice to chat with some of the people who were there. I’ll have to track them down some other way.

Update – I just called Adrian, and he apologized for what he did. He said that some other people were doing it, that he didn’t think I’d want to keep it, and that he didn’t remember what he wrote on it. I suppose the combination of alcohol, a pen, and a life-sized cardboard cutout is bound to lead to bad things. :)

New topic: Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you wanted to save one of the photos in that reunion site linked above. There are a few methods: 1) take a screenshot and cut the image out. 2) look in your temporary internet files directory (I couldn’t find it here). 3) view the HTML source of the page (through the menu, since they disable right-click), find the URL that renders the image, and open it. That will get you the .gif file. Download the .gif file and open it in an image editor that supports animated .gifs. The first frame is transparent (they really are trying to protect these images!), so if you open it in Photoshop you get nothing. ImageReady works well, though. Trash the first frame, and resave the file. There ya go. :)

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | 9 comments » | Sep 23, 2003 11:52:40

Nomadic Life

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I’ve been a pseudo-nomad now for three weeks, and so far it has been absolutely fantastic! I’m not really a nomad, since I’m still at my place a lot, working and hanging out with Elliot during the day, but I think that I will be away more and more as the year progresses. And thank God for people like Emile, Vienna, Geoff and Livia, Wendy, and a countless others who have offered me lodging. You are all so supportive. :)

My tentative schedule, for those of you who are interested:

Sep 20-21: Santa Barbara, for Peter‘s wedding
Sep 21-24: Back in SF
Sep 25-28: In Austin, visiting Dan and Andy
Sep 28-Oct 3: Back in SF
Oct 3-6: In San Diego
Oct 6-8: Back in SF
Oct 8-16: Miami/West Palm Beach, for DEMA, etc.
Oct 16-19: Back in SF
Oct 19-Nov 3: London, Plymouth, Antibes
Nov 3-Nov 6: Back in SF
Nov 6-15:Galapagos
Nov 16-20: Roadie on tail end of Vienna‘s tour

There ya go. Please call me when I’m in SF. Otherwise I might not see you for awhile. :)

Notes, so far:

1. I am happy!

2. I am tired!

3. Someone mentioned the word, “dating,” recently. I realized that I don’t know what that word means, really. But that’s ok. My sister told me that I’m the most content single person she knows (as in, I’m just fine when I’m single — I just do my stuff). Hopefully it won’t be like this forever. :)

San Carlos, CA | link | trackb | 9 comments » | Sep 20, 2003 01:34:38

Charlotte @ Stanford

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My cousin Charlotte moved into her dorm at Stanford today, the best years of her life immediately ahead of her. She had a very … “happy” aura surrounding her, despite a few moments of spaciness from lack of sleep. Her new roommate seems really nice, too. We spent most of the day moving furniture around and shopping for things like storage units and appliances (we found a small refrigerator for $50 at Fry’s, and a microwave for $30 at Target!), and my uncle and I left them to enjoy the rest of freshman orientation at around 4pm. I’m glad to have her in the area. [see some photos]

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | 3 comments » | Sep 18, 2003 19:08:49

APAture Opening @ Kearny Street Workshop

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Four of Wendy’s photos are being shown at Kearny Street Workshop as part of the 5th annual APAture gallery exhibition. Elliot, Lilli, and I joined Wendy at the opening on Tuesday night; I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I ended up enjoying the show a lot. They did a good job with the installation, and I bumped into Elliot Loh and Ardith Ibanez, both of whom I had not seen for years. Oh yeah, I also said hi to Marilyn the clothing designer, whom I met a couple of times with Amabelle. I don’t think she remembered me.

The APAture site doesn’t really say how long the exhibit will be up, but the “main event” is scheduled for September 27th, so I’m assuming that it will be up until at least then. Check it out, if you have a chance to! [see some photos]

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | 2 comments » | Sep 18, 2003 19:03:53

Canon Service

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Schedule of events:

1. I send in 1Ds to have sensor cleaned, since I suck ass at cleaning it myself.
2. Camera comes back roughly a week later. Quick mode dial on back of camera no longer works.
3. I call them up and bitch. “You’ll have it before the 19th,” I’m told.
4. They send FedEx to pick it up 2 hours later
5. I get a note today saying, “Your camera will be fixed within 10 working days.”

Bastards. I need that thing for a wedding this weekend.

No Camera Land | link | trackb | 12 comments » | Sep 15, 2003 22:45:02

Computer security

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Will you please virus-scan your computers before bringing them behind my firewall? I don’t have another two days to troubleshoot connectivity problems. grrrrrrr.

Cyberspace, La-La Land | link | trackb | no comments » | Sep 15, 2003 21:47:56

Music and (a) Film

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Photos from the past few days: [see some photos]

I’m at Geoff‘s place in SF right now, connected through the slow connection my cell phone gives me. :) The quartet flew in from Calgary today and performed with their new cellist, Chris Costanza (for the first time in public), for the Stanford Sophomore College program. They played Ravel’s String Quartet and Schostakovich’s Quartet No. 8, and they were both wonderful, as expected. :) A surreal moment: a question one of the kids asked Geoff personally afterward about a particular E played in the third movement. He said that he wondered why Geoff had played it on the low side, stating that he could hear it both on the low side and on the high side. (Uh… Whut?) I think it was the same guy who asked why the quartet tuned some of the lower strings flat. It might have been a good question, had the quartet really tuned flat. Anyone who knows how a string quartet tunes knows that we usually tune tight fifths from the top down, which means that the lower strings might be a little sharp — and not flat. Unless, of course, you are Ben Chen, in which case you might tune everything really high. :) In any case, it seems like he completely missed the point of the performance.

Afterwards, we (Geoff, Barry, Robin, Chris and I) went out to Gordon Biersch for a late dinner. I don’t know how Geoff can fly in, perform, go out to eat, and still have energy for video games. It’s really quite amazing. (He’s sitting right here, tapping away).

Wendy and I went out to see Lost in Translation two nights ago, which was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time; it made me want to go somewhere unfamiliar and to meet someone to share the experience with (especially if that someone were as cute as Scarlett Johansson’s character was!). Even though it was sort of a serious movie, there were a few scenes that made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to throw up. Also amusing was that the Indie crowd in attendance was forced to watch a movie at the Metreon. They hissed at all of the ads and finally quieted down when Indie previews started to hit the screen. :)

Twin Peaks, SF | link | trackb | 7 comments » | Sep 15, 2003 00:48:48

I don’t owe you anything

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To the random people who are too lazy to do their own research: I don’t have an army of representatives to answer questions from you. Do your own research — or better yet, do your own experimentation and have an opinion yourself.

Some guy on wetpixel.com posted a rude message after being pissed off because I didn’t reply to him. You know, because answering questions from people I don’t know is obviously a MUCH HIGHER PRIORITY in my life than nurturing the relationships I have with people I actually know. What a moron.

Sorry so pissy. It’s definitely one of my pet peeves. I guess the downside of getting to meet really neat people online is having to deal with the others.

Twin Peaks, SF | link | trackb | 3 comments » | Sep 15, 2003 00:19:03

Verizon 1XRTT

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I finally found a USB cable that works with my LG VX6000 phone. It turns out that FutureDial (http://www.futuredial.com)’s $29.95 LG VX1200 cable with USB driver is compatible with the VX6000. I just connected it up for the first time and am getting 58.6 Kbps! Very cool.

San Francisco, CA | link | trackb | 4 comments » | Sep 11, 2003 09:43:16

Plans for the future

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I have none. Please stop asking me!

Actually, that’s not true. But I’ve been asked too many times, and I can’t give a decent answer anymore. Instead of asking me what I’m up to, just tell me what you are up to. That would make me happier.

San Carlos, CA | link | trackb | 6 comments » | Sep 10, 2003 16:46:54


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I met Mr. Syndromes at Vienna Teng‘s show in San Diego last night. He is very well represented on his website. In fact, he looks exactly like this. Too bad he’s not up north. I’ll bet some interesting things would happen if he started hanging out with Dardy. Also present was Moonpuddle, but I didn’t get a chance to meet her.

At around midnight, we were standing there (Vienna, Syndromes, my sister, and me) outside of Twiggs Cafe in University Heights (where Vienna had just performed), and as a car drove by with tinted windows slightly lowered, one of the passengers yelled, “Fudgepackers!” (and there weren’t even any sparks between me and Mr. Syndromes!) “It’s good to know that bigotry is alive in San Diego,” Wendy said, as we all started to laugh. Vienna, in her trademark innocence, just looked confused. (“What?”) :)

San Diego, CA | link | trackb | 3 comments » | Sep 8, 2003 00:21:39

The Green Flash

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I’ve seen the green flash three times, and two of them were while I was on a boat in the Galapagos. I thought some of you out there (specifically, the other Eric) might be interested in these photos that I managed to snap. For a good explanation of why the green flash occurs, check out Andrew T. Young’s page.

green flash, clearly visible. i think it’s a mock-mirage flash.

not as obvious, but it was green to the eye.

San Diego, CA | link | trackb | 3 comments » | Sep 7, 2003 22:46:42

Great White Sharks

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’nuff said. click on the photo for more.

Guadalupe, Mexico | link | trackb | 8 comments » | Sep 7, 2003 01:50:08
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