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Archive for April, 2003

Dell coupons

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Dell has been going crazy with coupons! HWExtreme today reports two stackable $45 off $350 coupons (for a total of $90 off $350) good for accessories like printers, software, cameras, etc. Combined with their current promotion (15% off ALL Memory, 10% off ALL Accessories, 10% off select Dell System Upgrades, Printers & Scanners), very nice things can be had for cheap(er). One of the coupons expires this evening.

I used the deal to get an Archos Jukebox 20GB for $250.16. It will likely inspire more confidence than what I use now, which is the X’s Drive.

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Stanford Chamber Strings

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We (the Stanford Chamber Strings) performed tonight in a gated community for elderly folk down in San Jose. The program included Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons (Spring), Bach Double Violin Concerto, Pachebel’s Canon, Elgar Serenade, and Mozart Divertimento (which we also played a couple of years ago). Even though it was a pretty cheesy program (you know — the sort of music that even non-classical music lovers can appreciate) I had a great time. :) The St. Lawrence String Quartet had performed at this same venue not long ago, and Geoff said that the audience probably enjoyed this performance more than their earlier performance — despite the difference in “quality” of music — because this show’s repertoire was more accessible, and because a bunch of young folk were playing. It’s sad, but that’s the way classical music works sometimes.:) Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to record our performance because we got lost on the way there. The soloists (Caroline Campbell, Jim Chou, Barry Shiffman, and Geoff Nuttall) all kicked serious ass.

After the show we rushed out in order to get to Korea House before closing time. Luckily, we made it and had a huge, satisfying feast. :) Photos -> [see some photos]

| link | trackb | 12 comments » | Apr 27, 2003 01:14:15

Mahler 9

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Wendy and I went to see the SF Symphony Orchestra perform Mahler 9 tonight. Barbara Bonney sang selected songs from Richard Strauss during the first half, which were beautiful. I enjoyed them even though I was so tired that I was dozing off intermittently. :) Mahler 9 was more or less enjoyable. I love the piece, but the strings were soggy tonight, and there was some strangeness coming from the brass. I don’t know. Maybe I was expecting too much. I so wanted a perfect performance! The beginning of the last movement was powerful, but then soggy strings made it hard to enjoy the rest of the movement — at least, until the very end.

The end of Mahler 9 was intensely sublime in its beautiful pianissimo. Aside from being with my guide a few hours from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro (bathed in the purple glow of moonlit snow), I have not been so aware of such perfect silence as I was during one of the grand pauses a few minutes from the end of the piece. The entire orchestra and every single audience member ceased to make noise so completely that all of my senses became intensely magnified, the stage filling my field of view, brilliantly lit in yellow warmth, and the ringing silence pounding loudly in my ears. I could feel every heart beat pushing blood through my body. Man. That was what I went to the show for. I was praying that no one would disturb the moment after the orchestra faded into silence at the end. The last time I went to see the SF Symphony perform Mahler 9 someone stood up and started clapping before MTT put his hands down. Tears were streaming down his face as he clapped — utterly alone — for five seconds. I’m all for respecting the effect of powerful music, but he RUINED THE ENDING for hundreds of other people. I hate him.

I’m performing with the Stanford Chamber Strings tomorrow. Should be fun! We’re having Korean food afterwards. :) Photos -> [see some photos]

| link | trackb | 6 comments » | Apr 26, 2003 01:50:00

Bounced e-mail

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My published e-mail address was bouncing all of yesterday. Sorry about that! I had a temporary misunderstanding of how default e-mail addresses work. :)

Also, I was at Stanford yesterday — Governor’s Corner has been cleared out for use as a precautionary SARS quarantine area! Barry and Robin still live there because they have a dog (there aren’t other places for faculty that allow dogs). He told me that one suite of boys also refused to move out. The thing is: Stanford didn’t tell them what was going on. They just called Robin up one day and told her that they had to move out the following day. That’s not proper communication! Her reponse? “No way!”

| link | trackb | 2 comments » | Apr 25, 2003 13:14:35

Online interaction and intimacy

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While I was in graduate school I took a class about online communities (it was a fluffy Human-Computer Interaction course of the type common in a specialty that is not yet well defined). I enjoyed the course a lot: we studied all sorts of online communities, including Ultima Online, which was especially cool because we were invited to go out on horseback with Lord Blackthorn himself. Having grown up playing the Ultima series, this was a real treat. :) He called down lightning to scare off the dirty peasants (all cash-paying users) and invited us into his unreachable castle, where he gave us armor and weapons and imbued us with unnatural strength (we were on the telephone with him simultaneously, listening to him bitch about the ungrateful users we rode past — almost all of them asked for money). I have screenshots of all of this, but I can’t find them right now.

Anyway, as part of the course we also taked a lot about false intimacy, which is commonplace among online “relationships” (in the broadest sense of the term). I get it often from people with whom I have never even had a conversation with. During a first “meeting,” whether it be online of offline, they tell me that they feel like they already know me really well (because of this site). Well… it’s a one way street. I don’t feel like I know them. I am not really a private person, but I do value my privacy. My close friends are almost all people with whom I’ve developed intimacy over the course of long periods of time, with few exceptions (although those exceptions do exist). And no matter how close I might feel to someone after long sessions of mostly online correspondence, he or she will always remain on the “other side” until I am able to confirm that bond in person.

Some people say that people are who they want to be, online, and that if you get to know someone in a medium without superficial distractions, you are getting to know the “real” person. I find that to be a bit idealistic if most of one’s time is spent in the material world. If you are defined by your online presence and relationships, I might agree more, but since most people have to interact with people face-to-face at some point, I take more stock in what they are like in person over what they are like online.

Perhaps the new generation, having grown up with electronic communication as the norm, will not have that “line” that must be crossed in order to feel true friendship…?

By the way, I am not saying that a lot about me can’t be gleaned from echeng.com, nor am I saying that I can’t make friends with online folk. I’m just saying that there is likely to be an information imbalance upon first contact, and that true friendship isn’t easily earned. I hope that I’m not scaring anyone off. After all, I have hosted gatherings where I don’t know 90% of the people. :)

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New rug

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I have a new rug, and it smells of Chinese/Taiwanese old people. It smells like the luggage of old people when they have just stepped off of the airplane from Taiwan. Please help me! I need something to make it go away.

Vienna Teng and Jim Batcho dropped by to help me shove the rug under the piano. It took us awhile because the piano weighs over 800 pounds, but we managed to get it right eventually. :) Unfortunately, moving it just a little bit threw the lower strings out of whack, so it will have to be tuned again. Removing the caster cups (the hard wood cups that protect the floor from a piano’s casters) really has brought out the bass of the piano, and it’s less muddy somehow with the rug in place. I am pleased. :) We had planned on being nerds and watching some PBS specials I recorded earlier (“Becoming American” and a Frontline special on Tony Blair), but instead we watched Margaret Cho in I’m The One That I Want.

Other photos in the batch include pictures of Mandy, Elliot, and Lilli. Photos -> [see some photos]

| link | trackb | 9 comments » | Apr 24, 2003 13:51:16

Acratech Ultimate Ball Head

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On the recommendation of Andy Biggs (who is now featured on Luminous Landscapes!), I bought an Acratech Ultimate Ball Head and some mounting plates from Really Right Stuff. Adam Tow has been using the Acratech for a long time. I should have bought one when he did. It is SO NOVEL to have a light ball head that doesn’t slip at all. My old Gitzo was pretty good, but this is better. I love this thing.

Speaking of old ball heads, does anyone out there want to buy a Gitzo G1276M Mk2 magnesium ball head with quick release? B&H lists it at $178. I’ll sell it for $125. :) Go to B&H Photo and search for “G1276M” to find out specs.

The only “problem” with the Acratech is that the mounting plates are so expensive. But it has been worth it. I am no longer obsessively shopping for better tripods and ball heads.

| link | trackb | 2 comments » | Apr 23, 2003 17:22:22


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I am becoming nocturnal! Luckily, days are long, so at least I get some sunlight. I am now doing some work and waiting for food to be delivered. I ordered enough to keep me happy for a few days. :)

A few days ago I picked up my first hitchhiker up in the Berkeley hills. I was driving with my sister after dropping Lilli off, and a woman was on the side of the road — WAY up in the hills — with a sign that said, “BART.” She was bundled up for warmth and was carrying a few shopping bags. I don’t know why I did it, but I’m glad I did. She said that someone had stopped for her, but had driven away when she approached. If she had missed the last train, I wonder where she would have slept!

update I just ate a bad pear. yuck. I had a dream this morning that the house next door had been transformed into a towering structure looking directly into my bathroom (giving me a view into their bedroom, which conveniently had mirrors placed such that the bed was visible. heh… :) the house three lots away can see into my bathroom. they were doing construction, and one day I looked out of my window only to see someone’s bedroom window). My tub fixtures had also somehow sprung a leak, but the plumber had shown up to fix it before I was even awake. The rest of the dream involved poorly installed screens (i didn’t know who installed them — maybe the plumber?) flapping around in the wind (they were installed to prevent people from seeing into my house, of course). The screens were installed around the perimeter of my non-existent backyard, at ground level along a wooden fence. Who knows why. Dreams are strange. This entry is stupid.

update 2 I saw BulletProof Monk last night. It was horrible. The highlight was hitting a guy in the back of the head with a lemon drop because he was snoring loudly enough to disrupt the entire theater. Actually, it wasn’t a lemon drop. It was a small Korean vitamin candy thing. I think that’s the first time I’ve thrown something at someone in a movie theater since high school. :) People laughed more at his snoring than they did at the movie.

| link | trackb | 9 comments » | Apr 22, 2003 15:26:34

SSH on Kyocera 7135

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This rules. I think I get massive geek points for being able to SSH from my telephone. :)

| link | trackb | 18 comments » | Apr 21, 2003 18:03:44

Recent social activities and stuff

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Vienna Teng is back from her extended tour of the East Coast! She and Jim Batcho dropped by to pick up the 6 keys she needs to get into her apartment (I was house sitting), and we played around on the piano and cello for a bit before heading out for lamb shwarmas. I was staaaarving by that point, so the food (and company!) were both very welcome. Photos -> [see some photos]

Last night I had dinner with Pamina at Chika Sushi (narrowly missing Vienna, Jim and the other Eric, who also happened dine there. coincidentally, this is the place where Vienna was first identified on the streets by a stranger. :).

After dinner I wandered over to Munira, Semira, and Arif’s place for a little party they were having, where I proceeded to become inebriated after only having one strong drink (in a room full of Indian people I didn’t know. :).

A few friends seem to be trickling back to the area after roaming around for a few years. Pamina is returning from Yale for her residency, and Gabe is coming back from his extended Fulbright Scholarship in Berlin and Paris to join the PhD program at Berkeley! I’m excited to see Gabe. The last time I spent time with him was in Berlin, on my “way back” from Egypt. :)

– Unrelated: I am extremely annoyed. Someone has been stealing my mail! The post office wrote a letter to me about a criminal investigation having to do with mail theft. Apparently, they have a suspect who had in his or her possession some of my mail (photocopies were enclosed). A tax form I was missing was one of those pieces, along with a $40 rebate and some other financial documents. Bastard. I want to know who it is, and I want my $40 back. Thankfully, my new locking mailbox now prevents this sort of thing from happening (spent an hour yesterday installing one for me and one for my neighbor).

| link | trackb | 7 comments » | Apr 20, 2003 16:17:33

Birthdays in Microsoft Outlook

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When you create or modify contact in MS Outlook and specify a birthday, a recurring birthday notice is automatically created in the Calendar. However, I have existing contacts with birthday information whose birthdays haven’t had reminders automatically created.

How does one tell Outlook to run through all of your contacts and create birthday reminders? Perhaps someone has written a script to do it? :)

| link | trackb | 2 comments » | Apr 19, 2003 12:45:12

Must-have Palm software?

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Hi, folks! So, I am the proud new owner of a Kyocera 7135 palm phone (Chester was drooling over it in earlier comments). This means that I now carry around a brick instead of a small, sleek phone. Perhaps I will get a man-purse. It really is very thick.

Anyway, I’d like to ask you expert Palm users what Palm apps I should get. I’m already thinking that I will get SplashPhoto for an image viewer. Anything else? I’ve been out of the Palm circuit for some time now.

Oh. And, of course, I will have Pocketsynth on my phone. I hope it doesn’t crash newer versions of Palm OS. :)

| link | trackb | 7 comments » | Apr 18, 2003 17:07:09

Wind blown

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Walking 6 blocks with a 30″x40″ sheet of foamcore would probably be an easy thing to do… WITHOUT WIND. Man. It was painful. I was also carrying a shopping bag with a burrito in it, which didn’t make it any easier. (I have to go down to the Mission every 2-3 days to make sure Vienna’s plants don’t die while she’s off on tour, so I take advantage of the opportunity to buy big burritos).

I will be extremely busy with a new project and other stuff in the coming weeks. I will be doing some coding again! Should be fun.

Oh! If you’re a computer dork like me you can subscribe to 22 weeks of PC Magazine for free. Hmmm. Actually, I don’t find the content in PC Mag to be particularly interesting. I just signed up because I can’t resist free stuff. One year I started randomly received all of the PC gaming magazines for free — for no reason. And I don’t even play games very often (or ever, really). :)

The music setup in my study is complete. I am now listening to music again. :)

| link | trackb | 4 comments » | Apr 17, 2003 18:54:45

Safari Trip with Andy Biggs

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Main Entry: loz·enge
Pronunciation: ‘lä-z&nj also -s&nj
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English losenge, from Middle French losange
Date: 14th century
1 : a figure with four equal sides and two acute and two obtuse angles : DIAMOND
2 : something shaped like a lozenge <-- duh!
3 : a small often medicated candy

4 : something fitting definition #2 that, when swallowed, sits in your esophagus, dissolving slowly

And now, onwards to the real topic of this post. My buddy Andy Biggs has spots left for an African photo safari/workshop running from June 30 to July 12 of this year.

About The Workshop: “The workshop will be a 13 day trip — from June 30th to July 12, 2003. The workshop will be conducted in the east African country of Tanzania, home to the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro. It will combine an exciting photography workshop in one of the world’s most outstanding wildlife, landscape and cultural locations together with a luxury vacation — in fascinating Tanzania. This workshop is open to just 9 participants.

“This workshop will be very informal and fun. Andy Biggs will be shooting alongside you at all times. We will have discussion and assistance on specialized topics such as, for example, long lens technique, projection flash usage, action shooting, wildlife observation, field craft and east African animal behavior. Advanced techniques will be constantly discussed, demonstrated and put into practice.”

And, a note from Andy: “The safari will be for anybody who wants to know more about photography in general, how to use the equipment that they have, … to learn more about the wildlife and people of Tanzania. Basically, anybody who wants to go. I can be used as an encyclopedia on the trip, too.”

Cost is $5595. If you are interested, contact Andy and tell him that you found out about his trip through echeng.com.

| link | trackb | 1 comment » | Apr 16, 2003 15:32:44

Photos and stuff

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Last couple of days (random photos): Noe Valley stroll, Korean BBQ at Brother’s Two [sic], Stanford Product Design personal statements at the Stanford Art Gallery with Mandy and Elliot, Benjamin‘s studio in graduate housing, playing cello for the Stanford conductor search, sushi at Chika with Geoff, Livia, and Claire.

I have no energy to write coherently. Photos -> [see some photos]

| link | trackb | 5 comments » | Apr 16, 2003 01:42:45

Bridgestone Ad

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This bridgestone ad is great! Made me laugh out loud (thanks to Sarah at RBJ for the link). :)

[b]update[/b] : Here’s a local cache of the movie. I’ll keep it up unless I have bandwidth problems. :)

| link | trackb | 5 comments » | Apr 15, 2003 17:05:37


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I have reverted to my old vampire-like schedule. This sucks.

But I had a wonderful day hanging out today with Cindy and her husband Chris down in Cupertino! We went down to San Jose to see the 1:00pm showing of Coral Reef Adventure, the new Howard & Michelle Hall IMAX film. I had previously seen a behind the scenes presentation at DEMA, so it was really great to finally see the actual film. I miss being underwater. :(

Afterwards, we hung out at Cindy and Chris’ home, staring at the reef tank (and being tech. geeks) while Cindy made a great dinner, complete with chocolate soufflé dessert! It was very impressive. :) I thought about posting a photo of Cindy, cooking in her tech company-logoed apron, but I’ve decided against it. :)

Late it was, when I made the long drive home. I’m extremely sleepy now. Good night!

Oh. I apologize if I am not answering e-mail. My inbox is stuck eternally at around 150 messages, and I generally find the amount of e-mail I get to be overwhelming.

| link | trackb | 3 comments » | Apr 13, 2003 03:59:40

Better Luck Tomorrow

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I have just returned from the AMC Van Ness theaters in SF, where Wendy, Lilli, Charlotte, Chi Chi, Greg, Jeff and I saw the late show of Better Luck Tomorrow. It was a bit strange — but natural — to see a “normal” movie with Asian-American leads. It’s the first of its kind, I believe. I mean, I can’t remember ever seeing a movie with Asian-American leads in it that isn’t an “Asian” genre movie. It’s not a kung-fu/Hong Kong action movie, and it’s not a sell-out movie to show white people what it’s like to be Asian (e.g. Joy Luck Club, with fake Chinese accents and recited proverbs in broken English). The first half was very funny. :) I don’t know anything about acting, but I thought all of the actors were quite convincing in their roles. Near the end of the movie, things became violent. The violence itself didn’t bother me, but it was a bit of a non sequitur, and it didn’t seem … as natural as the first part was. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, as did the rest of the 99% AA audience, who gave a hearty round of applause at the end.

Someone from the cast was there to greet the opening night audience. We think it was Roger Fan (the guy who played Daric), but we weren’t sure. Also, John Cho (“Steve”) looks very much like Scott, my friend Tony‘s brother. My sister and I both leaned our heads together at the same time to point out the similarity. :)

Walking into the theater was a bit strange. It was JAM-PACKED with Asian-Americans! I don’t think I’ve been to a venue with so many Asian-Americans in my life (I mean the sheer number, not the percentage). Unfortunately, it felt like a meat market: a good number of the women there were hooched-out, perhaps because there is a restaurant/bar downstairs (complete with a bubble-tea stand visible in the divider window), or… perhaps it is the norm to be hooched-out for Friday movie night at this particular theater. Wendy saw Peter and Karine while I was still looking for parking. They were on their way out, so I didn’t have a chance to chat with them. [see some photos]

| link | trackb | 10 comments » | Apr 12, 2003 02:15:59

Eadweard Muybridge “re-creation”

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A week ago, Mandy forwarded me an e-mail from Patience Young, the Curator for Education at Stanford’s Cantor Center for Visual Arts:

“Your participation please! The PBS show “California’s Gold” is doing a half-hour show on Eadweard Muybridge and his motion studies here on the Stanford Farm. Next Friday afternoon (April 11), a non-too-authentic-but-fun reenactment of a running horse captured by a dozen cameras will take place near the site of the original experiments. If you can be part of this quasi-historic event (hey, if it appears on TV then it actually happened?), please reply to this email…”

I decided that it would be fun to participate. :) Chester also decided that he wanted to check it out, so he masqueraded as a Stanford alumnus and showed up too, weilding both his mightly Nikon D100 and (for comic relief) a tripod-mounted Pentax Optio-S.

We didn’t end up actually re-creating the event (hence, the “not-too-authentic” disclaimer in Patience’s original e-mail), but it was a lot of fun to photograph a moving horse while Huell Howser wandered around with a cameraman. PBS will use our photographs during the credits of this particular CG episode, and a few interviews might end up there as well. I even snapped a shot that would have won the original bet — which is a miracle, because the horse was nowhere near a full gallop. :)[see some photos]

Here’s the e-mail Patience sent us about Muybridge and this event: (read more »)

| link | trackb | 2 comments » | Apr 11, 2003 19:35:26

Old entries blessed!

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Old journal entries through December 2001 have been blessed to render properly in b2. However, entries from April 26, 1999 through November 2001 can still be found in the old location. They will likely stay there forever, since there’s no pseudo-automated way to import them.

I am so glad I’m done with that. I’m sometimes extremely anal, and leaving this unfinished has been nagging me since the original import from Greymatter. :)

| link | trackb | no comments » | Apr 11, 2003 01:00:23
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